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[docs]def docs(**kwargs): """ Annotate the decorated view function with the specified Swagger attributes. Usage: .. code-block:: python from aiohttp import web @docs(tags=['my_tag'], summary='Test method summary', description='Test method description', parameters=[{ 'in': 'header', 'name': 'X-Request-ID', 'schema': {'type': 'string', 'format': 'uuid'}, 'required': 'true' }] ) async def index(request): return web.json_response({'msg': 'done', 'data': {}}) """ def wrapper(func): if not kwargs.get("produces"): kwargs["produces"] = ["application/json"] if not hasattr(func, "__apispec__"): func.__apispec__ = {"schemas": [], "responses": {}, "parameters": []} func.__schemas__ = [] extra_parameters = kwargs.pop("parameters", []) extra_responses = kwargs.pop("responses", {}) func.__apispec__["parameters"].extend(extra_parameters) func.__apispec__["responses"].update(extra_responses) func.__apispec__.update(kwargs) return func return wrapper