Source code for aiohttp_apispec.middlewares

from aiohttp import web

from .utils import issubclass_py37fix

[docs]@web.middleware async def validation_middleware(request: web.Request, handler) -> web.Response: """ Validation middleware for aiohttp web app Usage: .. code-block:: python app.middlewares.append(validation_middleware) """ orig_handler = request.match_info.handler if not hasattr(orig_handler, "__schemas__"): if not issubclass_py37fix(orig_handler, web.View): return await handler(request) sub_handler = getattr(orig_handler, request.method.lower(), None) if sub_handler is None: return await handler(request) if not hasattr(sub_handler, "__schemas__"): return await handler(request) schemas = sub_handler.__schemas__ else: schemas = orig_handler.__schemas__ result = [] for schema in schemas: data = await["_apispec_parser"].parse( schema["schema"], request, location=schema["location"], unknown=None, # Pass None to use the schema’s setting instead. ) if schema["put_into"]: request[schema["put_into"]] = data elif data: try: if isinstance(data, list): result.extend(data) else: result=data except (ValueError, TypeError): result = data break request[["_apispec_request_data_name"]] = result return await handler(request)